The Most Negative Campaign Ad of ALL

Fluffy Dog Theatre

I, Bob Scott,  Candidate for US Representative, disapprove of this NEGATIVE campaign ad I am writing ( I disapprove of all negative campaign ads)

I say most (but not all) of the people  who have early voted are from the 30,427  “Knee Jerk Republicans* who are the voters who put ignorance ahead of thought and voted for unqualified Eddie Pridemore to replace highly respected Knox County chancellor Daryl Fansler in August 2014.

In their endorsement of John Duncan the Knoxville News Sentinel said that “his opponents­- Democrat Bob Scott…..have little hope of putting a scare into Duncan, much less winning.” 

Jimmy Duncan spent about $8 per vote in his primary and his opponent got about 40 percent of the vote. Jimmy has spent very little in the general election and he is not scared.

Based on past elections:

There will be about 20 percent of the voters who will vote for Bob Scott, the Democrat.

There will be about 30 percent of the voters that usually vote for the Republican (but many of those voted for a change).

There will be 50 percent of the voters who will vote for either a Republican or a Democrat but if they don’t get out and vote then the Knee Jerk Republicans will win again.

The most negative thing from the Duncan point of view would be If the young people and the other people the Republicans are trying to suppress will get out and vote. There could be a surprise. 

If people turn out and a surprise happens, a Bob Scott WIN WILL BE BY ONLY ONE VOTE!  Will it be your vote?10751379_10205097743023985_10205097740903932_42349_2519_bI stood by a fire hydrant at market Square in Knoxville and thought that it hadn’t been used much since the old market house burned. But in all the years since that fire people have accepted the inconvenience of parking somewhere away from the fire plug and walking a few extra minutes because  parking somewhere away from the fire plugs is their civic duty. I estimate the value of the cumulative lost time since the big fire for this fireplug to be $30,000 .  Voting is also our civic duty and our one vote has as little effect on the election outcome as parking one time next to a fire plug has of impeding the firemen. But the firemen go out to a fire many times a week and each time they need access to the fire plug. We all do our civic duty.

I watched this cute dog trying to get educated about the other dogs (candidates) and then it decided to not do its civic duty and walked away. Are you a voter or are you like a cute fluffy dog that won’t do its duty?

*As depicted by columnist Betty Bean before the August election “Daryl Fansler… will win another term on the Chancery Court bench…. if he had to have an opponent,… “Eddie” Pridemore will give us a good idea of the number of knee-jerk Republicans in Knox County.”

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