Bob Scott, Why Grapes in the Washer?

Why would Bob Scott- or anyone else- put grapes in his washing machine?
I have to toot-my-own-horn in my run for US Representative so I want to illustrate my ability to visualize solutions to problems that are not obvious – and certainly not obvious to most congressional Republicans (who control a congress with an approval rating of 13 Percent). Please vote after you read this story.
When I lived near Princeton I had a small farm (very small) with a lot of concord grape vines. I harvested about 500 pounds of grapes and I planned to make juice by stomping the grapes ( yes, barefooted) and squeezing the juice out using cheesecloth. The stomping works fine but there is a reason people don’t use cheese cloth for this- it is S L O W. I was in my basement (and my wife was elsewhere) and I realized that we had a wine press in the basement. It was being used as a washing machine most of the time. I rinsed out the washing machine and set it on spin cycle and dumped in crushed grapes. The juice came out the drain line. It worked beautifully. Since then I have always evaluated our potential replacement washing machines for suitability in squeezing grapes.
I was born with an ability to make a high score on tests of mental ability- I am a member of Mensa. This mental ability coupled with a wide experience gives me insights into solutions to problems. Many of my solutions are idealistic but there are enough pessimists everywhere to counterbalance new ideas and work for a consensus solution to problems.

Anyone can find my positions if they wish to be informed.

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On November 4 every person who is registered to vote has a civic duty to cast an informed vote. In the August election the uniformed voters combined with the blind partisan voters were about 60 percent of the Knox County voters. Every informed voter needs to get out and cancel the vote of an uninformed voter-
It will only be a good turnout if you- the reader of this- vote

I, Bob Scott, will send a message to many Facebook pages. Since I hope there will be 200,000 votes cast in the second congressional district- I need every person interested in fair elections to LIKE AND SHARE my message with all their social media contacts and urge all their contacts to get out and be informed voters.

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