R.I.P. Greatgrandmother


I, Bob Scott,  walk this earth because two women did not have abortions when I think they should have had them. My greatgrandmother, I do not know her name, died during the childbirth of my grandmother, and my grandmother Scott was raised by relatives. I believe my greatgrandmother should have had an abortion if it would have saved her life. Some people believe that the child is to be favored in such a situation so maybe some people would say an abortion was not justified.

My grandfather Ferris was a happy man with two children and a loving wife. His wife then died in childbirth and the child also died. My grandfather, a widower, then married my grandmother and so on. My grandfather’s first wife should certainly have had an abortion if it would have saved her life. Of course, I would not be here. What is needed is common sense in administering abortions safely when they are needed and giving support- a lot of support- to women who are facing an unwanted pregnancy.

We Tennesseans are voting to give our legislators the right to deny an abortion to save the life of a mother. One long look at our current Tennessee state legislature is enough to convince me that I would never trust their judgement in such a matter. If you don’t intend to use a prohibition, why ask for it? I ask you ” What kind of a person would deny a woman a lifesaving abortion?” A Tennessee Republican legislator?

Vote “no” on amendment 1.
Actually, I voted “no” on all of them- I will wait for a legislature controlled by intelligence, not ideology.

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