Bring Back The Singing Canaries

Bring back the singing canaries (and solve our other drug problems also).

I get a lot of questions about drugs. The United States congress got on the wrong track when they decided in 1914 to treat addicting drugs as criminal problems instead of public health problems and when they later listened to Harry Aslingers opinion on marijuana.

My opinions about drugs have been formed by reading Licit and Illicit Drugs which was published by Consumers Union in 1972..

Alcohol and narcotic addictions are the same addiction and before the restrictions on narcotics, doctors would switch alcoholics to opiates because they were less damaging than alcohol.

Nicotine is so addictive that the remission curves for nicotine addiction and morphine addiction are almost the same.

My grandmother had a singing canary. I am certain marijuana has some effect on the mind because of the demise of canaries as pets. A canary fed on singing canary seed would sing continuously in a delightful trill but when marijuana was removed from the canary food the singing ceased.

I would like to see drug use considered a public health problem ( alcohol and nicotine are the most dangerous drugs in common use). I would like for people who are determined to obtain drugs to be able to obtain them at low cost so they can live their lives without resorting to crime. I would like to be certain that drugs are not diverted to people who are not already using them.

I want the profit removed from drug sales by having the state provide them at less than cost to drive out the criminals who sell drugs and I want severe penalties for anyone who gives their own drugs to another person.

I believe the analytical chemistry technology is available to keep track of individual prescriptions and who they were sold to and if a person is found with drugs that are not theirs the source can be identified.

People who believe in free enterprise and capitalism seem to fail to realize that having law enforcement limit the supply of an addicting drug will result in high prices for the drug and ridiculous profits. Illegal drugs are currently so profitable that they provide money to corrupt law enforcement and even upset governments of other countries.

I fear that dragging out a realistic solution to the drug problems will result finally in a backlash that will result in poor policies and too little control of drugs.

Please elect Bob Scott as US Representative to Congress and help begin a realistic movement to cure the misery caused by our present drug laws.

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